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Kuta life

People are always asking me about my life in Kuta, there is so much that I see every day that I just take for granted, things that might seem a little bizarre to anyone else, but for me are just part of the daily scenery. So here is a glimpse into my world.



Lucky dog comes to the beach for sunset. At first I think that there is just a whole pile of rubbish on the beach but when I look closer I see that they are offerings to the spirits with coconuts, fruit, flowers and symbols woven out of banana and palm leaves




Lucky gets very lucky because there are also offerings of roast duck, a Balinese   delicacy, but Lucky has no respect for the spirits and has soon devoured a whole roast duck.

Taking a trip……

Magic mushrooms are legal in Indonesia  and  you can take a trip while you get your laundry done.

perhaps while you are waiting to get a new suit made

you don’t need mushrooms to see Ronald surf

Or to spot a dancing orangutan in the middle of a drum circle

And check out the dancers doing the sexy nurse thing while you wait for your deli combo meal

If you need petrol for your motorbike just look for the vodka bottles

What about those spiky helmets? I guess they are for people who choose fashion over safety LOL

Then there is breast waxing (ouch!) or the mysterious Ratus V / vagina, apparently that means Vaginal smoking! 

How about a haircut? Guess thats a case of ‘funk q’ very much.  

Personally, I was all for the  72 hour beach party.

taking the notion of a pool party to a whole new level (Yes Nadine and I are sitting in the pool – it was a bit cold actually!)


And where else in the world would you find that someone has hung decorative symbols all over your bike to protect you from evil spirits

Or see Santa in a Hindu Parade, perhaps that’s what you call religious fusion. 

And while I am on the subject of religion it seems that the Buddha might be about

Or should I say Buddhas! 

When I went to Divine Wonderland to do a restaurant review I seem to have shrunk.

And Yes, that’s Boy George, he’s out of prison and played for my 40th birthday. Well, on my birthday. He was such a diva!

And i guess I was a bit of a diva too (well it was my birthday!!!) and no it wasn’t a wet t-shirt competition, it just rained really hard

that’s my sister Sarah, she does a great diva too. Love her to bits xxxx

Ok, so Lucky dog wasn’t at the party, but she’s the biggest diva of all. Love her to bits too! 

I am wondering if this is a case of fatism…. Swim between the flags? It seems that only skinny people can swim on Kuta beach. 

But despite how crazy life can seem when you live in Bali, some things are the same all over the world.

Big Sunglasses are all the rage

Some people just refuse to act their age…….


dogs are always a girl’s best friend (and are much nice than diamonds)


Little Boys and Little Girls never see eye to eye



People insist on making a statement with their clothes 

This hoodie I spied a girl wearing on Kuta beach has to be my favourite. ‘No right man at the party’ – I know that one, and I can relate to ‘ I love naked’ , but ‘ I love flea ‘ ???? 

And yes, food critics  tend to overeat…… It’s what you call an occupational hazard….

And there is also the danger of over drinking…. That’s vodka with a shot of chocolate – a dangerously delicious combination. I had to leave my motor bike and walk home! 

Ice Bar in Bali? Yes there is, with a crystal dance floor


I might have really overdone it this time!!!! 

Writing about food and drinks is a hard job, but somebody has to do it!
The Rock bar, Jimbaran
St Regis

 Kuta Carnival

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