About me:

When I was 21 I left Australia strapped into a giant purple backpack. I wanted to go everywhere and see everything and my quest took me around the world, starting with Central America where I explored the steamy jungles of Mexico, the pyramids of Guatemala and the hidden surf beaches of El Salvador. Travels through North America led me from the icy mountain peaks of Canada, down to the majestic Redwood forests of northern California and on to hedonistic Venice Beach. It was here that I stumbled onto the Grateful Dead culture and went on tour across the States, before flying to South America where I travelled by land from Cartagena, Colombia, across the Andes through Ecuador and Peru. I watched the sunrise over Machu Pichu and saw pink flamingos dance in a bright red lake in the midst of the vast salt planes of Bolivia. There was a gut-churning flight over the Nazca lines, and an awe-struck moment watching the sun set and the full moon rise simultaneously over the Valle la Luna in the Atacama Desert of Chile.

Across the world, the rosy-hued hidden city of Petra in Jordan revealed some of its secrets, and long summer days were spent exploring the rock-cut churches of the surreal valleys of Goreme in Turkey. I rode a donkey through the Valley of the Kings and lost my heart in Istanbul – the magical city that straddles Europe and Asia. There were long cold winters in London and a long term love affair with Italy – with its streets of marble, ornate fountains, craggy coasts and gorgeous food.

Asia called and a dream came true as I watched the sun rise over Angkor Wat deep in the jungles of Cambodia. There were long slow boat rides along the rivers of Laos and hikes through remote mountains in the north of Thailand. And then there was India in all its magnificent, colourful chaotic glory, a country like no other, more an experience than a destination. After 15 years wandering the globe I washed up on a beach in the Fiji islands which is the subject of my upcoming book ‘The Faraway Islands’ and then wound up in Bali, Indonesia which became my home for ten years. During these years I became a genuine Bali specialist, and wrote about everything on the island, from restaurants to spas, villas, resorts and culture. These days I am based between Bali and Sydney and still travel every opportunity I get. I love to see new places, immerse myself in different cultures and experience everything that I possibly can.

I am currently in the process of converting my blog into a proper website, and hope to gain a little more structure in doing so, but with so much information to organise it’s going to take some time, so please excuse the muddle in the meantime.