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Bali food story

Bali: Food for the Gods on the Island of the Gods

Island of the Gods, surf mecca, a shopper’s paradise, land of golden beaches, big smiles and Bintang beer, Bali certainly needs no introduction, but its cuisine does! Read the full story here at Vacations and Travel

Bali's traditional healers

Bali’s traditional medicine people: Ancient Healers in a modern world.

Indigenous healers are still the first port of call for many Balinese when they fall ill. The island’s ancient healers also attract spiritual tourists, who hope to cure their ailments that have stumped Western medicine. Published in SBS Life. Read the full article here

Saving the coral reefs

Saving the coral reefs of Northern Bali

The Indonesian archipelago is home to the richest assortment of coral species in the world, but its reefs are vanishing as global warming, pollution and unsustainable fishing and tourism practices take their toll. Read full story here

Best hotels in bali

5 of the best luxury hotels in Bali

Alison Bone nominates five max-relax retreats and hotels. Read the full story at Qantas Travel Insider

Ban single use plastic bags

Bali’s teenage sisters sparked a global youth movement to ban plastic bags.

Teenage sisters are leading the fight to clean up Bali with their campaign Bye Bye Plastic Bags. From flash mobs, to collaborations with the Balinese Governor, to a standing ovation at their recent Ted talk in London, the girls are inspiring youth around the world. Read the full SBS article here

Ubud, holistic heart of Asia

How Ubud became the holistic heart of Asia

Spiritual tourism is booming in picturesque Ubud, where ancient Balinese spiritual traditions meet Western-style wellness practices. Read the full SBS Article here

Where to eat in Canggu

Canggu: Where to eat, stay and play

Returning to her island home of Bali after a year-long absence,  food writer Alison Bone finds her once-was-sleepy neighbourhood of Canggu has morphed into Bali’s hippest hot spot. Here she shares her favourite new discoveries from gourmet restaurants to shabby chic cafes and designer homewares.  Read the full story at threesixty guides here

eating raw in Bali

A guide to eating raw in Bali

The age of wellness tourism is upon the island and if you pardon the cliché, a holiday in Ubud might just change your life.

Once the bastion of surfers and sun worshippers, Bali is now drawing a different kind of pleasure seeker – one who would rather catch a yoga class than a wave and happily pass on the Bintang in favour of a beetroot juice. Read the full story here at Qantas Travel Insider

Healthy restaurants in Bali

Healthy Restaurants in Bali

Gone are the days when gado gado, vegetarian nasi goreng  and overly sweetened fruit juices were the only options for vegetarians in Bali. These days there is a great range of choices for vegetarians, vegans, raw food lovers and anyone who just want to eat something light and healthy. The pages below contain my reviews of health cafes in Bali (with lots more still to come).
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Bali herbal walk

A walk on the wildside

I drive up to Ubud early in the morning, dark ominous clouds hang over the hills creating a moody backdrop. I hope the rain will hold off for the next few hours as I have signed up for a herbal walk, and trudging through rice fields in torrential rain isn’t quite what I have in mind. Read the full story here