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The Habit of Happiness

There are few things as sought after, nor as elusive as happiness, but what exactly is it? Are we born with it? Is there a secret source that we can tap into, or is our obsession with being happy actually dooming us to a life of discontent?

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The problem with palm oil

Is our insatiable desire for snack food destroying the world’s forests? Learn all about the problems with palm oil. We all play a role, everytime we go to the grocery store.

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Bali’s teen sisters spark a global movement

Teenage sisters are leading the fight to clean up Bali with their campaign Bye Bye Plastic Bags. From flash mobs, to collaborations with the Balinese Governor, to a standing ovation at their recent Ted talk in London, the girls are inspiring youth around the world.

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A guru’s healing touch

The renowned spiritual leader and humanitarian, Mata Amritanandamayi, is best known for her healing hugs, having embraced a reported 33 million people worldwide. Alison Bone recalls her quest to meet the guru and receive a holy embrace.

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HIV in Indonesia: Breaking down taboos

HIV rates have declined across the world but are on the increase in a handful of Asian countries, including Indonesia, where it remains hidden from view. Things are slowly changing as the Indonesian government gets proactive in treatment and prevention, and NGOs help breakdown the taboos associated with the disease.

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Can crystals heal?

The human connection to crystals and stones spans time, cultures, continents and religions. Ancient Sumerians included crystals in their magic formulas; Egyptian pharaohs had their headdresses lined with malachite in the belief that it helped to rule wisely; while native American shamans used them for divination and healing. Their curative properties are mentioned repeatedly in ancient Vedic Hindu texts and referred to in the Old Testament of the Bible; while the mysterious black stone at Mecca (possibly a meteorite) forms an intrinsic part of the Islamic pilgrimage. Read the full article here

The Nepalese teen who saved his village

On 25 April 2015 Nepal was devastated by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. While lack of organisation and infrastructure delayed relief efforts, real life heroes such as 19-year-old Suman Khadka emerged from the wreckage. Determined to help the people of his village, he put out a desperate plea on Facebook. Far away in Bali, teenage sisters answered his call for help. Read the SBS article here