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Sister from another mister

This  is  my Swiss friend Steph.  I have only known her for 4 months but it feels like she has been in my life forever – a true kindred spirit. In a few days she is leaving to go back to Switzerland, she is a designer and will spend the summer doing festivals all over Europe selling her funky clothes. Her collection is amazing! She has been an inspiration, a true friend and a mirror.

Miss you already Steph……….

ali and steph

more good times


sunset girls

1 thought on “Sister from another mister”

  1. Hello Ali, nice surprise to find and see my niece Steph in Bali with you on the beach of Kuta. Another “Iwanoff” glob-trotting…must be in our blood! Yeah she is awesome and doing very well. I am very proud of her.

    I’ve lived in Saudi Arabia for 10 years and loved the people and culture. The desert bedouins are very welcoming almost too much. One of my travels took me to the northwest of Pakistan visiting the Kalash tribes in Chitral, near the Afghani border. A very remote and grey area, thus the colorful attire the locals wear. Most of this area is now blocked. An awesome experience alos with Kurdish men on foot crossing from the other side of the K-2 mountains, selling handmade woven rugs.

    Your travels logs and writing are fascinating. I love adventure but do very little traveling now being a single woman! Just go home to Europe to visit family and friends.

    Cheers to you, Ali! All the best

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