Zucchini Cafe

Cafe Zucchini / Zuttion
Salads and Style….


Zucchini cafe is set amidst the designer boutiques at the top end of  Jalan Oberoi, just look for the yellow and white canopy that shades this relaxed and cosy cafe.

White rattan walls are hung with floral art and dangling pot plants, and seating is at long wooden benches, overlooking the sidewalk. The  cafe is brought to us by Jonathan Russell, (aka DJ Rock Solid,) who also has Green Ginger Cafe in Canggu. Funky limited edition  clothing by designer Peter Zuttion can be found in the boutique at the back, including retro shades, fabulous shoes, and jewellery.

The benches of the open kitchen are covered in big glass jars of grains and seeds, while the deli counter is filled with large wooden bowls holding a tantalising array of colourful salads. The Mediterranean influence is strong, with a   focus on  quality ingredients (organic when possible,)  prepared  with  home style goodness.

It’s a great spot for breakfast, with Ily coffee complemented by a range of dishes, such as [Bircher Muesli], [Berry Ricotta Hot Cakes] and the super healthy [Green Brekkie] with sautéed spinach, zucchini and onion with rocket, parsley and olive oil.  I order the [Breakfast Burrito], a giant tortilla filled with soft scrambled egg, chilli beans and lots of melted cheese, with salsa and sour cream on the side, a substantial meal that could fuel hours of shopping.

Healthy beverages include smoothies, fresh juices, and   frappes such as the [Watermelon Strawberry], an icy mountain of sweet loveliness; and the refreshing, full flavoured [Raspberry Lemon Cooler] which is dense with perfectly ripe fresh berries.

Salads make a popular lunch option, choose a mix of three from the counter, and your selection will be served up in a wooden bowl with crunchy artisan bread. I opt for [Beetroot Walnut, Fetta, Pumpkin and Baby Beans] doused in a light raspberry vinaigrette; an excellent [Chick Pea Salad,] laced with parsley and snow peas; and [Orange, Almond and Olive], with mixed leaves and  mandarin vinaigrette. Salad can also be served as a side to   [Chicken or Eggplant Schnitzel) or the golden, crunchy  [Corn, Zucchini and Ricotta Fritters].  My  personal favourite has to be the [Polenta alla Rocco], a well thought out dish, packed with complimentary flavours, the grilled polenta  has just a hint of cheese, and goes beautifully with a rich full flavoured pesto, juicy roast tomatoes, sweet  peppers and sharp peppery rocket. I finish with a warm and sticky [Banana Caramel Cake] topped with vanilla bean ice cream and a great [Macchiato.]

Zucchini Café/Zuttion

Phone +62 361 736-633
Jl. Oberoi No. 49



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